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Time To Take Advantage Of Living Abroad

Having the opportunity to live abroad is absolutely amazing. You're going to have an incredible time creating long-lasting memories, meeting new people, making new friends and growing as a person. Don't fall into the trap of doing everything the same as you did back home. Try new things and you'll be surprised how little you knew of the world before. Read through some of the posts on this page so that you take full advantage of living abroad.

Below are some posts that you may find helpful regarding settling in abroad, creating a routine, learning a foreign language, studying abroad and more.

Settling In Abroad

5 Simple Tricks To Seamlessly Settle In Abroad

I don't like to admit it, but moving abroad can be hard sometimes because it's difficult to settle in to a new society.

I've found that these 5 tricks are extremely helpful when it comes to settling in abroad and integrating with a new society.

If you're struggling to settle in abroad you should read this post.

how to make friends abroad

How To Make Friends Abroad

No one likes to admit it but sometimes we need help when it comes to making friends abroad.

Truth be told, this is one of the most difficult parts of settling in abroad.

Thankfully, after living in 5 different countries and more than 10 different cities around the world, I’ve discovered the easiest ways to make new friends abroad no matter what your situation is.

Learning A Foreign Language

How To Learn Any Foreign Language

One of the greatest things you can do while living abroad is learning the local language.

This allows you to understand the local culture on a more personal and intimate level.

If you've ever considered learning a foreign language while living abroad, follow the advice in this post.


Create routine abroad

Create A Killer Routine To Actually Benefit From Living Abroad

What's the point of living abroad if all you're going to do is stay in your apartment and watch TV.

The reality is that we all struggle to get things done when we don't have a routine.

I found that my productivity increased tremendously once I implemented a routine and started taking advantage of living abroad.

Study Abroad

How I studied abroad for 4 years (and how you can too!)

How I Studied Abroad For 4 Years (And How You Can Too)!

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for everyone.

Whether you want to study university abroad or just want to take a language class, studying abroad can change your life.

I was able to study both a language and a university degree overseas for more than 4 years and if you read this post, you can study abroad for as long as you like!

Stay Connected

9 Free Tools To Keep In Touch With Friends And Family

9 Free Tools To Keep In Touch With Friends And Family

Being away from friends and family can be extremely difficult if you don't make time to connect with them.

These days there are so many great free online tools out there that can help you stay updated with everything that's happening back home.

This post goes into detail about the best free online tools available so you can stay connected with everyone back home.


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