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Not everyone wants to stay in the same type of accommodation abroad and that's okay. With so many different options to choose from it can sometimes be difficult to know the best places to book your accommodation online. Thankfully, there are some amazing resources that can help you.

These are the websites that I recommend using when booking accommodation online. Whether you're looking for free accommodation, hostels, hotels, apartments etc. you'll be able to find the best accommodation around the web.


This is the best accommodation alternative if you want to rent a house/apartment. The great thing about AirBnB is that all of the payment is done online so you don't have to worry about getting ripped off. For many places there are more than 50% discounts for stays longer than a month. (If you're new to AirBnB, get $50 off your first stay)


Couchsurfing allows travellers to stay on people's couches or spare rooms for free. This is a great way to save money and meet locals. Most of my favourite experiences abroad have been from spending time with the locals because you don't get stuck in the tourist traps and are able to learn the true culture of the city.


This is the largest website for booking hostels online and is extremely easy to use. I use them for all of my hostel bookings because their secure, easy to use interface has the largest inventory of any hostel booking website. Because so many travellers use this website, most of the hostels have hundreds of reviews meaning it's easier to find a hostel you like.

If you don't want to search through multiple websites to find the best listings and cheapest prices, you need to use All The Rooms. By having accommodation listings from AirBnB,, Couchsurfing, Hostelworld and many more all in one place, you're able to save a lot of time.


If you're going to be travelling in Asia, Agoda is the best website for to book guesthouses and hotels. They offer great rates and have many options to choose from. Make sure you get the best rates booking accommodation in Asia by using Agoda. is one of the biggest accommodation bookings out there meaning you can use this website when searching for accommodation in most countries. Their no money down policy gives you extra peace of mind when booking online.

Trusted Housesitters

One of the greatest ways to save money on accommodation is housesitting. Trusted Housesitters is the biggest and best housesitting website which means there are many listings around the world to choose from.

Staying in a Homestay with a host family enables you to find cheap accommodation, learn about the local culture and practice your language skills. is the best website out there if you're looking for a host family.

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